A unique medical supplies procurement service for Healthcare Professionals |

Whether you are a PCT, Commissioning Group, Local NHS Buying Group or Private company working in partnership with GPs and Health Professionals you have found the people supporting and supplying the people who care for the UK.

Our aim is to make managing Multisite Procurement of medical equipment and consumables, faster and more effective by the use of existing technologies with savings of up to 35%.

Your group’s individual sites will have access to over 6000 medical products at bulk quantity discounts using OMS Groups’ eProcurement Systems.

We will help identify common items used between multiple medical sites by type and use then consolidate the products to offer bulk buying discounts, negotiated by the organising body, you!

The individual sites continue to operate autonomously and order via a fully branded organisation specific online ordering system, with the products you have defined at the group wide prices.

If you have not been invited to participate in this programme but would like to gain immediate access, please call 0844 776 8668.

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